Friday, February 11, 2011

... She's 8 !! ...

My baby girl turned 8! Yes, I now have an 8 year old. Does she look older? She told me she felt older! How would it be to be 8 again?

Monday, July 26, 2010

... Summer Fun ...

Random photos of our summer fun..... mostly swimming.... the girls are going to turn into fishes!

... July 4th ...

We spent the 4th of July with some friends. Heidi's mom rented a waterslide. It was a fun day for all of us and ended with a BBQ.

... South Jordan Country Fest ...

We went to the South Jordan Country Fest with our friends the end of June. It was a blast. The girls were exhausted by the end of the day.

Below: The girls!

Below: Alexis trying out the jumper (? not sure what it is called)
Below: the girls were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day
Below: The most popular ride.... go figure!
Below: Madison likes suckers.....
Below: and shoes!

Below: riding the ponies

Below: Ash was tired - good thing for the covered wagon!
Below: The group relaxing for a moment

... A Little Late ...

I failed to post the girls dance pictures from May. So a little late but better than never.

Monday, June 14, 2010

... Haircuts ....

So I decided to cut the girls hair shorter for the summer. Alexis did not want to cut her hair short, she wants to grow it out long. I finally convinced her that it would be cooler for summer. SO, she agreed with the condition that she could leave her bangs long (she wants to grow them out).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

... Busy Busy Busy ...

So it has been a little crazy around here, as many of you know. I was well informed that my blog needed to be updated. So here are a few random things that have been happening

Alexis & Ashlyn started soccer....

The Girls had dance recitals at Lagoon, Riverton High and Riverton Arts Festival (this Saturday)

We visited my Grandma in St. George this past weekend. We played at the park and took some fun pictures.

My poor Bella's incision did not heal up right so they had to re-stitch it. Poor thing has a cone on her head and she HATES it! (I'm having a hard tim finding her body....... )